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Top food Top shop.

Noname, 15 Jan 2021

Always excellent

Belinda, 15 Jan 2021

Best chipshop anywhere, 10 out of 10

Edward, 14 Jan 2021

Hi there we paid for a mixed kebab with Mediterranean chicken and lamb doner. There was actually only doner meat in it. Can we have a refund on what was missing please? Thank you.

Theresa, 09 Jan 2021

fabulous food xxxc

Emma, 08 Jan 2021

Lovely foood 10/10

Lee, 08 Jan 2021

Always value for money, very polite staff and great service

Michelle, 08 Jan 2021

Always excellent

Andrew, 07 Jan 2021

Unable to order chips and cheese on the website

Leah, 07 Jan 2021


Hannah, 29 Dec 2020

Great service and food

Shane, 29 Dec 2020

Very fast plus my order was right

Seb, 24 Dec 2020

Lovely food and excellent value

Jeff Davis, 24 Dec 2020

Top chippy

Emmajane, 23 Dec 2020

merry Christmas all HAVE GOOD UN.

Gerald, 23 Dec 2020

Don't know if restaurant or Foodhubs issue but I waited 2 1/2 hours for my order to be cancelled after it saying it had been delivered.

Paul, 19 Dec 2020


Monty, 18 Dec 2020

My last pizza was delivered exactly on.time. excellent pizza.

Mark, 18 Dec 2020

Always delicious. The best in the area.

Buznuz, 18 Dec 2020

You missed out our curry sauce :(

Lolle, 18 Dec 2020

had one of georgios new pizzas last night along with a free sample of a sweet choc and banana pizza...idea of which didnt appeal to me until i tried it ...lets just say i will be ordering it in the future along with the tastiest pizza ive had in years and delivered hot which the big boys never do....well done Mike and the crew 10/10

Carol, 17 Dec 2020

Well put a review up earlier about no pizza on line yet, go online to place an order and low and behold PIZZA, so thank you Georgio,s am now sat stuffing my face with Amazing, Delicious pizza.......

Janet, 17 Dec 2020

Great food Great service, have used them for years, not happy i car,nt order the pizzas on line yet as i don,t drive HURRY UP PLEASE everyone i know who,s had one says they are Amazing.........

Janet, 17 Dec 2020

GR8 Food,

Gerald, 16 Dec 2020

tell you when i have had mi Pizza.

Gerald, 16 Dec 2020

Best chippy around alway will be mikes the man

Danny, 15 Dec 2020